The world is facing constant changes, globalization, the internal policies of the countries, the exponential growth of technology, etc. All these factors affect the work of people, especially the people who want to progress in their professions.
It is very common to have to go to work outside the countries of origin, where more and more prepared professionals are required.
Within the same country, there are industries that develop more than others, and the need for better trained people in different educational levels: professionals, technicians and trades will also arise.

Thus the professions, techniques and trades will require a greater degree of specialization.

Training and speed of adaptation to new challenges play a key role in this process.

The trades are the fastest to adapt to change, because nowadays the growth of online courses is booming in Argentina as a pioneer in South America and in European countries.
Techniques also adapt quickly to these changes, since their plans are defined faster and are managed by more dynamic organizations.
For universities the picture is more bleak, especially in South America. It is the Ministry of Education that has to define effectively and adapt curricula, depending on the work needs of a country.
Even the curricula of traditional careers such as medicine and engineering have become obsolete in the face of advances in technology.
The role of the state in the updating of the curricula of the different university careers is key for the future of the next generations.
In this sense, online courses are pioneering in the adaptation of education to new technologies.

How do I get a job in trades?

From the personal point of view, there are several requirements to fulfill:

• Make specific courses in industries with fast work release
• Ease of adaptation to jobs
• Teamwork
• Continuous effort
• Positive attitude
• Continuous learning
• Learn new methodologies
• Learn new technologies

There is something very clear, if we want to have a better quality of life and give our children a good future, we are responsible for finding a good job and maintaining it.